Welcome to the Cascadia Clash Tempest Cup - a tournament brought to you by the Silph League Arena tournament organizers from Capitol Hill Seattle, Portland, and Tacoma!

We’re expecting participants from at least three states and many more communities. To welcome our out of town visitors, we’ve put together some “must know” information for your journey to Capitol Hill.

All participants are required to familiarize themselves with the official Silph Arena Rules. Failure to abide by these rules can result in penalties including disqualification from the tournament.

Venue basics:

Optimism Brewing is a local brewery in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. It is an all ages space (although they do card for drinks!) that only serves beer.

They are dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and outside-food friendly. Just make sure you leave the space the way you found it, and don’t bring in your own booze!

Map to Optimism Brewing

Public transit:

There are several bus lines that serve the area. The 2,9, 43, 47, and 60 drop you off literally outside the door, and there are several more within a few blocks. Plan your trip here (or just use the Google maps link above).

The Capitol Hill Light Rail station is about a 10 minute walk away.


Optimism is 5-10 minutes off I-5, depending on current traffic and the direction you’re coming from.

There are many paid parking lots in the area, but there is also a decent amount of street parking that is generally free on Sundays (but please check signage!) within a couple of blocks.


Optimism usually has at least one food truck on the premise, usually starting somewhere between 12 and 3 on the weekends. The schedule changes regularly, check the latest info on their website.

There are also a ton of great food options in walking distance (take a look!), but here are a few of our favorites.

Playing Pokemon in the area:

Cap Hill is a great neighborhood to play in, so take advantage of that if you have some time spare before or after the tournaments.

  • In the area immediately around Optimism, the Pike/Pine corridor has lots of stops, gyms, and spawns, and is very walkable.
  • Just a few minutes away is Cal Anderson Park. It’s a small-ish nest with a good walking loop and two gyms (one of which is EX eligible).
  • Optimism is on Broadway, and if you walk north, just past Cal Anderson, there is a great stretch of stops that are often lured, and tons of Pokemon to catch.
  • A bit further away is Volunteer Park. It’s a bigger nest, and a beautiful park, but spawns are a little more sparse.
  • Just to the west of Cap Hill is our Downtown area, which is super dense, and where many of us head for Community Day and other events. You can’t go wrong down there, but a good starting point is to stay between 4th and 7th, and Olive and Union. If you keep heading west, once you get past 2nd, you’ll start to be in the area of Pike Place Market and the waterfront. Great place to play, but it’ll be crowded, especially on a nice Sunday!

Really though, if you just pick a direction, you’ll find a good place to play.

If you have any questions about the venue, the neighborhood, or tournament specifics, email us at caphillpvp@gmail.com.

Can’t wait to battle it out with all of you!

Your Cap Hill PvP team,

Laura (LCastrolowski)
Ken (alfindeol)
Bryan (skiplogic)